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Optometrists – who are not medical doctors or trained surgeons – are attempting to gain the authority to perform surgery on and near the eye. They are valued members of the eyecare team, but optometrists are not surgeons! If they succeed, optometrists could be authorized to cut and remove cysts, lesions, and skin tags from the eyelid, use a laser to perform surgery on the eye, or use a needle to inject potent medications into the delicate tissues surrounding your eyes.

All this surgical authority…without completing the necessary education and training – medical school, a hospital internship and a surgical residency.

If they have their way, the safety and quality of surgical eye care in America will be at risk!

Optometry’s education and training is focused on the delivery of basic eye care procedures such as vision exams and fitting of contact lens.   Their education and training model does not offer the optometric student or practitioner the medical education and clinical training necessary to safely perform surgery or manage immediate complications during surgery.

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